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Curriculum is the heart of education. We provide the best curriculum to ensure a smooth transition of knowledge to our students. Emphasis is laid on development of concepts instead of rote learning.

English Language

English Language focuses on development of reading comprehension, writing and speaking skills through various fiction and non-fiction work.

Bio / Physics / Chemistry

All syllabus is being taught according to Lahore Board Syllabus, along with well-equipped science lab


qualified staff teaches Urdu language skills incorporating project works and class presentations to sustain students’ interest in the subject. Assessments are taken.


The course books are designed to provide students with a basic understanding of key physical science concepts. Students focus on learning overall concepts and theories to help them understand and explain aspects of nature.


Specialized teachers teach the basic concepts in Math and prepare students for the secondary school syllabus.


Special periods have been allocated each week to teach the basics in computer to keep students abreast with latest technology. A well-equipped computer lab ensures that practical activities accompany the lessons being taught in the classroom. Practice exercises to improve typing skills are offered as well.


The course deals with basic Islamic teachings which are taught in classes together with projects and presentations to arouse and sustain interest in the students. Selected Ahadith related to everyday living have been added to the syllabus.